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Some of the links you may find interesting are:
In Navigation there is a link where you can create a nautical chart online.
In Conditions there is are several links where you can create local area tide charts & graphs including one that will enable you to increase the accuracy with historical datum. Additionally, there is a section that will produce a table of coastal water temperatures, actual NOAA readings not from satellites.
In the About section, you can meet the crew of the MegaByte.
Articles not found anywhere else will be posted in the Read This & The Catch sections.
In the Fishing section you will find a chart that relates a striped bass' length to the weight and age of the fish.
The Legal section will help you find all the information you need to initiate your getting a captains license, document your vessel, or get a tuna permit. It also has records, rules & limits for the catching and taking of ssaltwarer fish in the north east.

These are just a few of the highlights to be found on this site. This page will soon point you to new and hot items on the site as well as any pertinent news.

Finally, visit and use the forum. It will soon be a source of entertainment & fish producing wealth beyond belief!

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